A Journey to the Center of the Tet Festival (Round #2)

February 11, 2013

Once again, I’d like to apologize in advance for my trashcan grammar. I’m still extremely lazy to proofread or use even half of my brain to properly write. So here’s the story


I woke up this morning at 12 o’clock and noticed Calvin Nguyen was sitting on my chair… Calvin was just watching me sleep…. I was fairly terrified to wake up to a man just sitting my chair, watching me sleep. I didn’t even know he broke into my house, since he didn’t call… So, after being surprised by Calvin, I decided to go back to sleep. But, I realized it was too creepy having Calvin continue to watch me sleep, forcing me to just wake up and brush my teeth. Afterwards, I went on Skype and Facebook to message people, and I noticed that Jia was online. Calvin told me that he was just going to my house, since he didn’t want to go to his grandpa’s funeral, since it would be too depressing. Originally, Calvin and I planned to go to Tet Festival for a second day in the row, so we called Raymond to see if he would go as well. Raymond answered our phone call and told us, “maybe”. This was most likely a no, so Calvin and I decided to call Jia and see if she would. Jia initially refused, but I got Calvin to try to persuade her, since I offered to drive Jia to the Tet Festival. Jia eventually accepted after constant nagging/begging and started to get ready. After Jia agreed, I started to get ready by changing my clothes and fixing my hair with Gatsby’s hair wax. Eventually after getting ready, Calvin and I was faced with a big dilemma. Calvin has to leave at 1:30 to arrive at some family thing by 2 o’clock exactly. The current time was 12:50ish and we were still waiting for my dad to pick us up and then pick Jia up for the Tet Festival. If you haven’t figured it out already, it would most likely take 10 minutes to get picked up, 10 minutes to drive to Jia house, and most likely 5 minutes to drive to the Tet Festival. This forces Calvin to leave after arriving to the Tet Festival. It was unfortunate, but Calvin agreed to go to the Tet Festival anyways just to say, “Hi”, to Jia at least.

My dad eventually picked Calvin and I up and started driving towards Jia house. We arrived to Jia house and picked her up quickly, with Calvin’s first words to Jia being, “omg you are tall”.



A Story About My Day~

February 10, 2013

I apologize for the terribad grammar and etc… I was extremely lazy and tired when typing up this story, so some shit might not make sense at all/the grammar will make you sad. Anyways here it is:
So I stayed at home till like 3 o’clock, since nobody wanted to go to the Tet Festival, even though they (my friends Johnny Lin/Danny Nguyen, Jon Pham, Winston, and etc) claimed that they wanted to yesterday. I was sad, since nobody would go with me, and I didn’t want to stay home. But Calvin Nguyen decided to go with me, since Johnny Lin wasn’t going, so yay!!! We played an LoL game together at home, and then I pooped + took shower. After, I used Gatsby Hairwax to do my hair, I put on clothes, and had my mom drive Calvin and me to the Tet Festival.

After my mom dropped us off near the Tet Festival. Calvin and I walked to the fair, it was just a 30 second walk, and then I saw one of my childhood friend named Cynthia. She goes to my school’s rival school, Edison. She’s a grade younger, and she was volunteering at the Tet Festival for some reason. I was like, “Cynthia!”, when I saw her. She turned around and recognized me. She gave me a hug and said, “Hi~!”. Then Calvin and I left to the ticket place, bought a $5 ticket there, and went inside the festival. Inside the festival, I called my friend Raymond twice, but he didn’t pick up. Most likely because the place was too loud (I actually didn’t answer my phone when my dad called me like twice, since it was so loud). Then I walked around with Calvin and I ended up seeing my cousin. He was the scumbag cousin that told me ghost stories and showed me porn, when I was younger. But, he’s a cool guy, I guess… He was always taller than me (ever since we were younger, he’s like 3 years older as well.) He grew tall really fast and was generally taller than everyone his grade. But he stopped growing early, probably since he grew faster than everyone. When I saw him, I said, “YOU’RE NOT SO TALL ANYMORE! SUP SON!!” Since, we haven’t seen each other for like two years. We’re roughly the same height now, I think… He told me that I looked different, while his gf (who he had since HS, they’re in college now. Yeah, they dated for a long time and never broke up!) said that she saw my profile picture and thought I looked way different from how I used to look several years ago… I personally don’t think so, but whatever~ย  That was pretty much our conversation and we said our goodbyes.

Afterwards,ย  I saw Raymond and then we walked around together (with Calvin of course) to see if we could find anyone else from our school. We walked towards the rides, which I wanted to go on (there wasn’t any specific rides, but I wanted to go on at least one). But apparently Calvin is the biggest scaredy cat ever (I had to write this word), he wouldn’t go on ANY rides, like he was too scared to even go on the slides… Like wtf… So we walked around for a bit, saw the carnival games and the prizes. I didn’t try to win any prizes, since no women :(…. But, we (Calvin, Raymond, and I) saw my friend Vivi, who I usually walk with from 2nd period to 3rd period. I sneaked up behind her and pushed her (gently) to scare her a bit, but she wasn’t even scared… I was like, “How come you’re here?” She was like, “My mommy forced me”. I asked because she claimed she wasn’t going to the Tet Festival, when I asked. Anyways, we said goodbye and walked away. We ended up going to this booth that had a Pikachu backpack as a prize. My friend Calvin really wanted the Pikachu backpack though, since his sister liked Pikachu. It was a booth where u get this Nerf gun andย  you try to shoot through holes; they had a one point hole, two point, and three point hole (obviously the three point hole is the smallest. I bet you were thinking something dirty, when I wrote about holes and the sizes of them… Pervert…) It was $5 for 6 shots and if you made like 3 shots in the two point hole, you’ll get the Pikachu backpack (or from making the other holes, but the two point hole is probably the safest bet for unskilled players. Calvin ended up spending $10 and failed to get the Pikachu backpack, so he was depressed and walked away.

Calvin, Raymond, and I walked around towards the rides again, I’m still trying to convince Calvin to go on it… But, Calvin was too scared and too depressed, so we got food to drown Calvin’s sorrow.
As we were buying food, he was like, “OMG NO… I HAVE TO GO BACK AND WIN THE PIKACHU BACKPACK!” I ended up buying this Oreo funnel cake thing with whipped cream + chocolate, it was swaggin. I, also, ordered cheese from another booth, but they messed up the order… They only gave me fries, not cheese fries, so I gave it back to them, so they could add on the cheese. The cheese fries were actually decent. I met my friend Alex Doan from school, he just argued with Raymond Phuong about which Gundam series was the best… Then, Alex and I talked about anime, he didn’t like Accel World (sadlyfe). Alex ended up leaving and I finished my food. I was really thirsty, so I walked with Raymond to get shaved ice. So, Calvin returned and it turns out he spent $15 more only to fail again… He was even more depressed at this point, but he got the small plushies that are kinda cute. We continued to walk around the festival and I saw this girl name Genevieve from my Elite SAT Prep Class from over the summer, we recognized each other and she gave me a hug, even though I never really talked to her and haven’t seen her since the end of summer. She was kinda weird (but had big boobies), at Elite, she would wave to my dad/mom, when my mom/dad picked me up from Elite, and my parents would go, “Who is she?”. I’d just be like, “ionno”. She and I walked away from each other, and I threw away the shaved ice., even though I didn’t finish it, it was too cold. Anyways, as Calvin, Raymond, and I walked around the Tet Festival, Calvin saw these two girls from our school that he’s friends with. He was a nice guy and gave them the plushies that he gotten from the booth and then we walked away.

Afterwards Calvin, Raymond and I saw this store/booth that sold these cute panda crewnecks and other stuff. So Calvin and I ended buying the panda crewnecks, they were like $25. So, not sure if worth… But cummonnn pandas are awesome~, so I had to buy the crewneck, since pandas are awesome. Calvin, Raymond, and I continued to walk around and Raymond phuong saw this place that sold sunglasses, 2 for $5!!! Which is like wtf so cheap for two sunglasses!?! So they must be really shitty… But Raymond wanted to buy douchebag aviator glasses to make funny pictures with and he decided to get me a pair of sunglasses as well, since you get like 2 for $5. It was pretty swag, I mean free sunglasses~ Then, we continued to walked around, and ended up playing one booth game, where you try to throw this ring on top of this bottle… We ended up failing and getting no prize after 60 tosses, haha.

We walked around and there was a kissing booth, which we were like, “Oh em gee~!” But, then it turns out it was just a big lip with a hole in the middle, where you try to throw this small bird plushie through (ionno why it’s a small bird plushie) it was $1 and if you made the toss, you get a plushie (I assume). Also. there was this black hair asian chick and this blonde hair asian chick. If we played the game at the kissing booth, we can take a photo with them. But the blonde, better looking girl, was helping someone else take a photo of himself and his son. So, Calvin, only got a picture with the not as good looking black hair chick. There was a ferris wheel, but Calvin was too scared to go on that as well, it’s like wtf…
Anyways, Calvin ended up going mad with depression and ran back to the same booth with the Pikachu backpack and tried again with $10. Calvin ended up making 2 out of 6 in again and got a small plushie (the same one he gave away earlier) and another small plushie from making (1 out of 6 in). He said, “Well, sorry guys, I’m out of money, have a good night” and the booth people were like, “Aww :(” The booth employees consisted of dis teenage girl, teenage guy, and this 30 year oldish looking asian male. Calvin, Raymond, and I walked away for like 2 minutes and then Calvin ran buy to try again since he found money in his wallet, despite saying good bye… They were like, “lol wtf?”, and Calvin paid $5 to try again to get that plushie. Calvin was like, “My sister really loves Pikachu and I just want to get it for her…” Calvin used the $5 and only got 1 out of 6 in. The booth employee (the thirty year old guy) were like, “Omg, how much prizes did u get today?” Calvin named out like 2 Rikakumma bears, like 3 small Totoro plushie, maybe less… Ionno, exactly how much he spent anymore/got. But, the 30 year old guy said, “Okay, we usually don’t do this, but I’ll let you trade in for the Pikachu backpack”. Calvin begged Raymond and me for $5 for it. But, Raymond denied, but I reluctantly gave in… Calvin played again and derped only to get 1 out of 6 in. The guy was nice and gave Calvin the Pikachu back pack anyways. The employees were like, “It’s okay, since you spent like $35+ just for a single plushie backpack”. So, Calvin was happy and told them, good night. Calvin was like, “I’m a winner now guys!” Raymond and I were like, “No, you got baited so hard and only got a pity prize”. I wanted to go back to the kissing booth to get a picture with the blonde asian, but she ended up leaving, and I didn’t want a picture with the black hair girl… So sadlyfe… My dad picked me up and I took Raymond and Calvin to my house. Calvin and Raymond watched me play support Nunu. I ended up losing though… Then, I duo qed with Calvin on MannerUPBro to get him free elo, we won the game, and that was my day basically…

Hey, it’s been a while…

July 5, 2011

Hello, it’s been a while… It’s been summer for a while and unfortunately I’m too lazy to scanlate. So… Yeah… I have no idea when I’ll come back, maybe if some translator is willing to partner up for me. Even korean translators are fine, since I’m up for translating manhwas. You could message my email at thesexfiend@live.com, anyways, hopefully I’ll stop being lazy before summer ends. But, yeah, have a great summer my few site visitors (lul surprised I have some <3)


April 7, 2011

Well it’s been several months since my last update and I have no idea where Thor went. Maybe it’s because I no longer go on MSN, but whatever. So apparently Onidere got picked up, so thats great. Maybe over summer i’ll get off my lazy ass and start scanlating again. But I think I forgot how to clean and have to go through trouble of downloading fonts again. ): Maybe someone would be kind enough to drop an awesome font pack for me? ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, thought an update should be made, since apparently there’s still at least a 100 visits to this site a day. Not sure why though… Anyways, ใ˜ใ‚ƒใพใŸ

Reason for Delay.

January 13, 2011

After a month or so I guess you guys need an update. Finals probably consumed and engulfed all of Thor’s free time and he’s been MIA. So, who knows when he’ll be free to make an update or do a release, hopefully soon though. Anyways just be patient the releases will eventually come (hopefully) when Thor is back/free.


December 1, 2010

Sorry for the delay guys, the end of the semester is coming up and I just got hit with so much homework I don’t know how I can possibly get all of it done in time :/

However, I’m slowly chipping away at this arc and will have it released sometime in the not too distant future. Again, sorry for the wait.

Onidere Ch.108-109

November 25, 2010

It’s become increasingly apparent to me that I’m gonna need a couple more days to finish the new arc. However, I promised a Thanksgiving release and dammit I will stick to that! (It’s still Thanksgiving day in my timezone, sorry if I missed yours).

These two chapters will complete the Invincible Mother arc and Tadashi will once again move up a notch on the “Not a bitch” scale by doing some good things. Expect yet another batch release of several chapters within the next few days as I shall be working on them as much as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saya-chan has already made me delicious (deadly) food, maybe she’ll make you some too?

Chapter 108: MU || MF
Chapter 109: MU || MF